Hillary Clinton has no conscience

American Spectator
By Quin Hillyer
April 3, 2008


The Bosnia lie was bizarre. But some of her manifold other lies were arguably more sinister. The best compendium of Hillary mendacity (and at-least-near-criminality) available right now is Hillary: The Movie, and the book version thereof, produced by Citizens United and its indefatigable leader, Dave Bossie. (Full disclosure: Last fall, I did a final copy-edit for -- but did not write -- the book.) And no, this isn't a mere rehashing of the familiar scandals of the 1990s -- although an appendix by Deroy Murdock, reprinted in the February issue of The American Spectator, does delve into the old story of Hillary's crooked cattle futures trading and reports some startlingly overlooked facts -- but rather an examination of more recent scandals that never received the attention they deserved. For instance (according to Dick Morris), there was Hillary's direct involvement with securing pardons for Puerto Rican terrorists. And there was her direct involvement (proved by newly released video) in planning for a major Hollywood fund-raiser for which her campaign was found in major violation of campaign finance laws. And much more. The woman couldn't tell the truth if you spotted her the R, U, T, and H.