December 13, 2007 - Washington Post Reports on Hillary The Movie

Just as the nasty stage of primary season has started to crescendo, Hillary Clinton may need to check over her other shoulder for a coming onslaught from Republicans.

Citizens United, a conservative group headed by David Bossie, who became famous for investigations of Whitewater and other matters in the Clinton administration, is preparing for the release of a feature-length documentary called "Hillary: The Movie."

A Web site for the film promises "more than 40 in-depth interviews with experts, opinion makers, and many of the people who personally locked horns with the Clintons," including Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich and Kathleen Willey.

And the group wants to start airing television ads promoting the film right away. Today, the group will announce a lawsuit it is filing against the Federal Election Commission that will try and pave the way for Citizens United to begin running the TV ads without having to run a disclaimer or disclose the name of the people whose donations help finance the group's advocacy efforts.

Citizens United has hired James Bopp, the Indiana lawyer who successfully argued a recent challenge to the 2002 McCain-Feingold campaign finance law. Bopp says the group should not have to adhere to the law's disclosure and disclaimer provisions. The law "identifies it as a political ad when it's not," Bopp said. "These ads are selling a product."

Bossie called the requirements "crazy."

"Right now I'm barred from advertising our film," he said. "I could make a 10 second advertisment but would have to put a 4 ½ second disclaimer on it. That's ludicrous."

--Matthew Mosk