Hillary -- The Movie

by Aryeh Spero (more by this author) <http://www.humanevents.com/search.php?author_name=Aryeh+Spero>

Posted 01/30/2008 ET

A lucky few New York conservatives gathered by invitation in Times Square to view a private screening of the New York premier of "Hillary -- The Movie." <http://www.hillarythemovie.com/> It was a private showing because a three judge panel in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., recently ruled that it is akin more to a campaign ad and thus subject to campaign finance laws. David Bossie of Citizens United <http://www.citizensunited.org> , producer of the movie, countered that it should be granted the same status as the Michael Moore film,” Fahrenheit 9/11”, which was allowed distribution in public theatres even though it, too, was a film dedicated to a negative portrayal -- during election time -- of a Republican politician, George Bush. Bossie’s argument was rejected and, once again, liberals have been able to use the Courts to their political advantage.

The film revisits most of the egregious episodes of the Clinton presidency and the strategic role Mrs. Clinton played in punishing those who stood in the way of granting Bill a free pass. Bill Clinton recently accused Barack Obama of doing “a hit job" on him when, in truth, for years Hillary did "hit jobs" on those she considered political obstacles -- be it the women with which her husband had his way or even upright family men as Billy Dale of the White House travel office. Unlike Obama who attacks merely with benign words, she, the movie shows, hit opponents with criminal charges, IRS investigations, and smear campaigns intended to destroy an opponent’s very life and family life.

The film shows a woman who wore a self-righteous crown after her work in bringing down Richard Nixon. She had become more ruthless, more ambitious, and abused power far worse on her best day than did Nixon on his worst. The Queen of Mean had grown comfortable pulling the lever of personal destruction, and no one in her political circles was willing to put a check on her Evita Peron style of governing. They didn’t, of course, because they claimed they were too busy working “for the people” and, as we heard ad nauseam, “for the children”.

The film lets us watch as many news people are brought to our table in one sitting, one by one, to deliver the view of her they have accumulated over her sixteen years in national politics. Be it Robert Novak, Ann Coulter, Bay Buchanan, Dick Morris, Tony Blankley or others, all agree that Hillary Clinton is not simply just another liberal with whom we may have policy differences. Instead, she is a singularly dangerous politician in her quest for absolute power. Her sense of entitlement to power, her scorched earth political modus operandi, and her lust to consolidate to herself an autocratic control over our economic, health, and family life make her perhaps the most dangerous politician in America.

To Hillary Clinton, our personal is her political.

"Hillary -- The Movie" demonstrates there is something singularly awful in the lengths Hillary Clinton is willing to go to get her way. As liberal as other candidates may have been, John Kerry, Al Gore, Mike Dukakis and, certainly, Walter Mondale were not willing to go so far out-of-bounds as Hillary Clinton. More than even policy, it is her personality that is dangerous to this country, indeed any truly democratic country. In fact, it is her personality, her sense of entitlement and a felt superiority of knowing better than us what is good for us that gives birth to her power-centered socialism.

This is not just another election. As Mark Levin says in the film: “What is at stake is liberty itself.” If elected, the Republic will never be the same, and will irrevocably change in ways that it will no longer be the free America we have known.

For me, the most effective portions of the film were those in which Hillary Clinton’s ambition and need to punish produced actual suffering victims who are just ordinary Americans -- but somehow got in Hillary’s way. Billy Dale, a decent man and dedicated officer to many former Presidents in the White House travel office, was charged at Mrs. Clinton’s insistence with concocted criminality simply because Hillary, it seems, wanted to place her friends in his position. His story illustrates that she tried to destroy him, and just about did by almost bankrupting him, tarnishing his name, taking away his livelihood, placing him days close to having to sell the home where his family lived. But Dale was innocent, and a jury acquitted him of all charges in a very short time.

Kathleen Wiley, a widow, was threatened and harassed, her pets and car tires damaged, all, we hear, because she dared to come forward about the passes Bill Clinton had made on her at the White House. Her anguish and fright are still visible. There is the pain of the Conner family, whose father and husband was murdered at Fraunces Tavern here in New York by a bomb planted by Puerto Rican FALN separatists and terrorists. Out of the blue, President Clinton pardoned the guilty terrorists, disregarding how such a pardon cheapened the Conner family's loss, simply, it appears, so Hillary could now count on receiving the vote of the Puerto Rican community so pivotal in her upcoming run for the Senate in New York.

The movie shows that individual people and citizens mean nothing to the Clintons. “People”, for them, is a political phrase encompassing the masses willing to trade liberty for the short term benefits of government take-over of their lives.

We are reminded that Hillary Clinton voted against English as our official language and against the phrase “under God” which has graced our Pledge of Allegiance for almost sixty years. Her cultural radicalism is at odds with the mainstream, non-elitist, blue collar segment of the Democrat Party.

No matter how she tries to reconfigure herself for mainstream popular consumption, Americans must be reminded that Hillary Clinton, who rushed to kiss Mrs. Yassar Arafat, remains, deep down, the radical Lefty of the late 60s, the Wellesley graduate who acquired fame with her anti-American, anti-war graduation speech, hurling all the left wing clichés that have now become the parlance of the hate-Americans in Europe and in American academia. She is as fit to be President of the United States as is Jane Fonda.

Mr. Spero is a radio talk show host, and president of Caucus for America. He can be reached at www.caucusforamerica.com