Joseph Connor

Joseph Connor was excited on January 24, 1975 to celebrate with his mom and dad his 9th and his brother Tom's 11th birthdays.  That celebration never occurred as his 33-year-old father Frank Connor was murdered that day in the lunchtime bombing of Fraunces Tavern in Manhattan by the infamous Puerto Rican terrorists, Armed Forces for National Liberation (“FALN”).

Never focusing on victim-hood, the Connor family continued quietly on with their lives, though always remembering their father, son and husband, Frank. It was their family unity and love for Frank that gave them the conviction and strength to fight back, when in August 1999 the Clintons calculatingly reopened the pain of Frank's murder by offering executive clemency to 16 unrepentant and incarcerated core members of the FALN.

The Connor family was thrust into the devastation of terrorism once again on 9/11/01.  Joe and Tom, from their offices in downtown Manhattan , were firsthand eyewitnesses to the attack on the World Trade Center . Their family once again felt the impact of terrorism with the death of their cousin and father's godson Steve Schlag, an employee of Cantor Fitzgerald, in the North Tower .

Joe has testified before the Senate Subcommittee on Foreign Relations in 1999 and introduced The Pardon Attorney Reform and Integrity Act to Congress in 2000. He has penned Op-Ed pieces for the New York Post in addition to co-authoring an article for The Wall Street Journal. Joe has appeared on several news shows including Nightline, The NBC Nightly News, Hardball as well as various local and nationally syndicated radio programs.

A 1988 graduate of Villanova University , Joe is married and living in the NY metropolitan area with his wife Danielle and two beautiful children. He works in the financial services industry.